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Forensic Psychology Practice

Henriette Haas, PhD
Professor at University of Zurich
Offices in Montreux and Zürich • Contact

Federal licence to practice psychotherapy in both Cantons
Certified Supervisor by the Swiss Society of Legal Psychology SGRP/SSPL
Certified Psychotherapist by the Swiss Society of Legal Psychology SGRP/SSPL

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Services for public institutions, private organisations and individuals

  • Prevention against violence, against deception and against industrial/economic espionage

  • Tactical assistace for victims and witnesses of crime (whistle-blowers)

  • For the police: Profiling of sexual and violent crimes

  • Plagiarism and scientific misconduct by reputed scholars: Investigation and interpretation of evidence of intellectual property theft or flawed researchHelp for victims: click here to learn more

  • Investigation and interpretation of evidence in civil law suits

  • Coaching in situations of crisis and psychotherapy to reconstruct your life after a traumatizing experience

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Portfolio of continuing education for professionals

  • Forensic interviewing and interrogation techniques

  • Analysis of anonymous letters

  • Threat assessment

  • Rapid assessment of dangerousness in the emergency situation

  • How to behave in situations of open violence

  • Criminal psychology and behavioral analysis

  • Systematic observation

  • Tactical interviewing technique

  • Victimology

  • Eyewitness testimony, assessment of credibility

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When beautiful words fail, forensic psychology can help
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The first consultation (as well as any inquiry) are legally non-binding preliminary talks, which exclude all liability and do not include any obligation. By taking advantage of such preliminary talk, the person seeking advice accepts these conditions in full.

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